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When Sania Mirza made fun of Shoaib Malik’s complexion


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After that, Malik got extra conscious about his looks, started using fairness creams

Shoaib Malik earlier this year revealed that his wife, Sania Mirza once criticized his looks after which he started using male fairness creams.

In February 2022, Malik in an event recalled a moment when his wife Mirza criticized him over his looks and called him “Kaalu”.

The Pakistani cricketer said that after her comments, he started feeling “extra conscious” about his looks.

He said, “Once I came back after (playing) a match, my wife saw me, and called me ‘Kaalu’ (dark skinned).”

He added that in his 11 years of marriage, he has learned that a wife looks for certain qualities in her husband.

Malik said, “A man should have a full head of hair and be fair in complexion.”

“Wives or girlfriends would compromise on many things, even when their significant others forget their birthdays. But when it comes to looks, wives do not compromise,” claimed the cricketer.

On Thursday, an Indian news channel, Zee News reported that the couple have officially parted ways after 12 year of marriage and now co-parenting their son Izhaan.


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