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Western connectivity to boost economic growth in backward areas: PM Imran



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ISLAMABAD:-Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Dera Ismail Khan-Hankla Motorway on Wednesday. “The western route connectivity will improve the standard of living and boost economic development in the backward areas,” he said in a speech.

At the inaugural in Islamabad on Wednesday, the premier pointed out that due to the lack of long-term planning, several cities and districts have been forgotten.

“This highway will connect areas that were left behind. It will help people who were forgotten by the previous governments,” he promised. “The state is responsible to provide health, education, and justice to the people of Pakistan.”

PM Khan recalled that during 1960s, Pakistan had an excellent planning commission which is why most big projects were constructed back then. After the 60s, the government never indulged in long-term planning. All they did was focus on the eastern areas of the country, primarily Lahore and the GT Road.

“Today, we are building roads at half the price of what was built back in 2013 despite the rising levels of inflation. Do you know why? Because back then, corruption of millions of rupees took places,” he said, referring to the PML-N government.

The premier said that when the PTI government came to power, it doubled the revenue of the National Highway Authority and removed encroachments from its land.

“All this reflects that we worked with honesty,” he said and lauded Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Service Murad Saeed. “Publish these figures in the papers so that people know.”

The PM stressed inclusive development, one which benefits everyone. This is what the message of the Riyasat-e-Madina is. Development should never be for the elite.

“In the next few years, when connectivity comes in the western areas, it will bring a revolution in areas such as Waziristan and tribal areas,” he promised.

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