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Watch: CCTV footages show intensity of Shershah blast



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KARACHI:-Three CCTV videos have revealed the horrors of the Shershah blast that destroyed a bank and damaged three car showrooms Saturday afternoon. The videos obtained from three cameras show panicked passersby taking cover.

that two of the clips were obtained from CCTV cameras installed at a restaurant located across the road from the bank that was destroyed near Paracha Chowk.

The first clip shows dust clouds approaching the main road as vehicles including trucks slow down after the blast.

The second clip from the same restaurant but with a different angle shows people running for their lives and trying to take cover behind cars parked on the roadside.

The third footage was taken from the CCTV camera installed on a petrol pump near the bank. The petrol pump sustained damage in the blast.

The footage shows a huge dust cloud suddenly engulfing the fuel station as the crew and the bikers who were refilling at the pump run towards the main road.

The footages give you an idea of the intensity of the blast, Ahmer Rehman says.

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