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WATCH: Afghanistan’s home-grown supercar ‘Mada 9’ takes to roads in viral video


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It is made from lightweight materials, tubular frame chassis, and F1-style pushrod suspension

Even though Afghanistan has been recently making headlines for its curbs on women, its residents have now come up with something that is putting it on the map for the right reasons, a homegrown supercar called ‘Mada 9’.

Dubbed as the country’s answer to the Bugatti, the sports car has been gaining attention on social media for its sleek and stylish design.

In a recent video, the Mada 9 can be seen hitting the roads om Afghanistan for a test run, showing off its impressive grip on snow-covered roads, hinting at an all-wheel drive powertrain.

According to the company’s CEO Muhammad Raza Ahmadi, the Mada 9 has been in development for five years at the Navavari Center of Technical and Vocational Education of Afghanistan, with support from the Afghan IT Ministry and the Innovation Center of Afghanistan.

The prototype is made from lightweight composite materials and features a tubular frame chassis and F1-style pushrod suspension.

While the exact details of the Mada 9’s production plans are not yet known, the team behind the project plans to showcase the final product at an exhibition in Qatar in the coming weeks.

The Mada 9 is an ambitious project that has the potential to be a significant milestone for war-torn Afghanistan’s automotive industry.


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