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Tourists: Murree hotels forced people to sleep in cars



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Murree:-Several tourists have held Murree hotel owners responsible for the death of 22 people who died in their cars on Friday night amid a snowstorm.

The hotel owners jacked up the rent to Rs70,000 ($398) per room from Rs6,000 ($34) and the exorbitant hotel prices forced tourists to spend the night in their cars, tourists have claimed.

Children kept crying in cold but callous profiteers did not have mercy, the tourists told reporters on Sunday.

Talking to TV, some tourists said that food prices also sky-rocketed in the area, specifically amid the severe weather conditions.

One pack of biscuits worth Rs10 was sold at Rs300, while a small water bottle was sold at as high as Rs300, they said.

Due to such high prices and profiteering of the hotel owners, people had no choice but to sleep in their cars, which led to the death of more than 20 people Friday night, they claimed.

There were reports that some of the families spent two to three nights in their cars after snowfall closed the roads and they were unable to afford a hotel stay.

Hotel owners, on the other hand, have rejected the claims.

They say they were charging rent at the rate of Rs6,000 per room before the snowstorm, but after the weather deteriorated they allowed people to stay for free.

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