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Supreme Court rejects NAB plea demanding arrest of Khursheed Shah’s family


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ISLAMBAD:-The Supreme Court has barred the National Accountability Bureau from arresting PPP leader Khursheed Shah’s wives, children and other family members in an assets beyond means case.

On Tuesday, the top court rejected NAB’s appeals requesting cancellation of the bails of all those co-accused.

Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial ruled that it’s not right to make a case against anyone without solid evidence. “How can we put his family in jail when Khursheed Shah is out himself,” he asked.

Last year, Shah was granted bail over lack of evidence. The court had ordered Shah to submit surety bonds worth Rs10 million.

On Tuesday, NAB prosecutor argued that contractor Abdul Razzaq paid Rs2.5 million to Shah. “On what basis is a cheque called a bribe of commission?” Justice Ayesha Malik inquired.

Here, the top judge, too, remarked that the money could have been for anything else. “NAB should work hard in the investigation and prove the case in the trial court,” he added.

Shah was arrested in 2019. A case was later filed against him on charges of owning properties beyond declared assets justifiable income. The reference was filed against 18 people including Shah, his wives, daughters, sons, and close aides for misappropriation of Rs1.23 billion.

On October 21, the court had instructed NAB to continue investigating him but not keep him in jail permanently. The politician’s name was later placed on the Exit Control List which means he won’t be able to travel outside Pakistan.

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