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Sarah Inam murder: Session Court discharges Journalist Ayaz Amir as police find ‘no evidence’


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A district and sessions court in Islamabad has ‘discharged’ senior journalist Ayaz Amir in the murder of his daughter-in-law Sarah Inam after police found no evidence connecting him to the case.

ISLAMABAD:-Amir was presented Civil Judge Muhammad Amir Aziz on Tuesday which heard arguments and examined evidence presented by the police. The court first reserved judgement on the verdict soon after announced judgement stating that no evidence was found against the senior journalist that ties him to his daughter-in-law’s murder.

Earlier when proceedings began on Tuesday, the police presented a request to extend Amir’s remand by five-days.

Advocate Basharatullah, Nisar Asghar and Malik Zafaran submitted papers to represent Ayaz Amir in the court.

During the hearing, Basharatullah contended that police had arrested his client, he is not connected to the case in any way.

The lawyer stated that Amir was at his residence in Chakwal when the incident took place. Moreover, it was he who called the police to respond to the incident.

If someone is coming from the UK, then they can’t be the witness of the case, the counsel said.

Amir’s counsel said further argued that the police have not been able to justify on what grounds they had arrested his client.

The prosecution argued that Amir and his son contacted each other via WhatsApp. This was the evidence which has been presented before the court.

If we feel that he is innocent, we will discharge him ourselves, the prosecutor said.

The court inquired about the person who had nominated Amir in the case. The prosecutor said that the uncle of the victim had nominated Amir and is currently in Pakistan.

The court, however, asked what evidence is available which shows Amir’s involvement in the case.

On this, the prosecutor said that the victim’s parents have all the evidence.

All the police have to do is to press a button and they will be able to access the requisite call data records (CDR), Basharatullah argued.

Further, Bashartullah contended that if Amir and his son spoke on the phone, does it mean that he can be booked under section 109.

Afterward, the court issued a discharging order for Ayaz Amir as no evidence was found against him.



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