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Russia uses events in Pakistan to attack the US


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As the opposition in Pakistan demands an inquiry into Imran Khan’s claim about a ‘foreign conspiracy.” Russia has used the events in Pakistan — including the no-confidence motion and the dissolution of the National Assembly — to criticize the United States, saying Washington had made a “shameless” interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has cited steps taken by President Alvi on the advice of Prime Minister Imran Khan as evidence of American meddling, and Pakistan now seems perfectly caught between two world power. The United States State Department has repeatedly refuted Imran Khan’s allegations, saying there was “no truth” to them.

The Russian foreign ministry spokesperson on Tuesday issued a statement that accuses the United States of exerting “rude pressure” on Imran Khan to cancel his Moscow visit and says that when Imran Khan refused to do so, the United States “decided to punish the ‘disobedient’” Pakistani prime minister.

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