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President Arif Alvi rejects PM Shehbaz’s advice to sack Punjab Governor


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ISLAMABAD– President of Pakistan Arif Alvi on Monday has rejected the advice sent by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif to sack Omar Sarfraz Cheema as Governor Punjab.

The President has taken a position that Governor Punjab Omar Sarfraz Cheema cannot be removed without the approval of the President.

Referring to clause 3 of Article 101 of the Constitution, he stated that the Governor shall hold office during the pleasure of the President.

Meanwhile, in the statement, President Alvi said that the incumbent governor could not be removed as there was neither any allegation of misconduct nor conviction by any court of law or of any act committed by him contrary to the Constitution of Pakistan.

“It [is my] duty as Head of the State to represent the unity of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in terms of Article 41 of the Constitution,” the president told PM Shehbaz.

He further said that it was important for the incumbent Governor to remain in office to encourage and promote a healthy and clean democratic system that’s why he has rejected the PM Shehbaz’s advice.

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