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POS draw: FBR reveals winners, announces date for prizes



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ISALMABAD:-The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has held the first draw of the prize scheme for the lucky winners/customers of the point of sales integrated Tier-1 retailers on Saturday.

According to FBR, the denominations of the prizes have been set as Rs1 million (1st prize), two prizes of Rs500,000, four prizes of Rs250,000 and one thousand prizes of Rs50,000 each. Thus, a total prize amount of Rs53 million will be distributed among the lucky 1,007 winners who will get the POS-integrated receipts on their purchases.

The biggest prize of Rs1 million was won by Tanveer Ahmed while Aftab Ahmed and Farhan Akram have won Rs500,000 each, according to the FBR announcement.

Other winners have been informed by text messages on their mobile phone numbers, the FBR said.

Tanveer Ahmed would be handed his prize at a ceremony on February 15, the FBR said.

The winner would not be taking all the money home. Non-filers would be paying 40% and filers 20% withholding tax on the prize money.

According to the government estimates, a total of Rs18 trillion to Rs20 trillion transactions occur regularly at the retail stage but only 3.5 trillion of them are documented by the government, so there was a huge untapped gap that could make a big difference if bridged properly through the documentation exercise.

On December 13, 2021, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) launched the prize scheme for customers from point of sales POS-integrated Tier-1 retail outlets.

The FBR has said that the prize scheme aims to maximize transparency and plug revenue leakage through real-time monitoring of sales. “It also ensures that tax collected from customers at the point of sale is deposited with the state exchequer,” the FBR said.

The computerized balloting for the prize scheme will be held on the 15th of every month.

The FBR added that customers can participate by verifying the receipt of purchases through the Tax Asaan Mobile App or by sending the invoice number through an SMS on 9966.

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