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Petroleum dealers Association announce to end countrywide strike


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ISLAMABAD:– Petroleum dealers have announced to end countrywide strikes tomorrow as their demand of increasing the margin by 25 per cent was assured by the government.

According to the details, earlier the Petroleum Dealer Association (PDA) had undergone strikes pertaining to lack of government s response on the demand of rising the margins of the petrol prices for dealers by 6%.

The association had further announced to continue its strike on Friday as the demands were not fulfilled. Due to the strikes, the public had to face various problems related to lacking petrol facility as in different cities including Quetta, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar no petrol pumps were providing services to the citizens whereas the one which were functioning, public had to wait for their turns in long queues.

On the other hand, PDA had announced to continue its strike as their demands were not fulfilled while Secretary Information Nouman Butt had mentioned that government announced to make increment in margin prices back on Nov 3 whereas no such announcement was fulfilled. 

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