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Pakistan has lowest cost of living in the world: PM Imran Khan


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ISLAMABAD:- Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan said on Monday that Pakistan still has the lowest cost of living compared to all the countries in the world and the petroleum products cost the lowest here compared to all of the sub-continent.

While addressing the ceremony of inaugurating the Ehsaas Riayat Rashan Program in Islamabad, the Premier said that the tax money was used to uplift the poor people of the country in the State of Madina. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has reiterated the commitment to make Pakistan a truly welfare state on the pattern of State of Madina and also wants that the effect of inflation is minimized on the lower class of people.

The PM assured to uplift and extend more support to the deprived segments of the society with increase in tax collection.

As regards Ehsaas Riayat Rashan Program, the Premier said, it is aimed at reducing the burden of inflation on the weak segments. He said under this program, two million deserving families will be provided with monthly thirty percent subsidy on the purchase of wheat flour, pulses and cooking oil.

Imran Khan said price hike is an international phenomenon. He however said Pakistan is still ranked amongst one of the cheapest countries in the world. He said prices of petrol and diesel in Pakistan are lower when compared with Dubai and other countries of the sub-continent.

Referring to various initiatives of Ehsaas program, Imran Khan pointed out that ninety eight percent of disbursements are going into the hands of women in order to economically empower them. He said the stipend and scholarships being provided under Ehsaas are also higher for the girls than the boys.

The Prime Minister said that the network of Ehsaas Nashonuma will be spread to the district level in order to address the issue of stunting in children.

Imran Khan said the disbursements made under Ehsaas emergency cash program helped protect the vulnerable families in the wake of Covid-19.

Earlier, Special Assistant on Poverty Alleviation Sania Nishtar said the first phase of registration for Ehsaas Riayat Rashan Program has been completed and messages are being sent to 9.2 million deserving families in a phased manner to avail the targeted subsidy through four thousand utility stores. She said the registration of retail stores is also continuing so that the deserving families could avail the targeted subsidy through them.

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