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Pakistan calls for united action to tackle food security challenge


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Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has called for a united action to tackle the challenge of food security posed by Covid, climate change and conflicts.

Addressing “Global Food Security Call to Action” Ministerial Meeting in New York on Thursday, he said recent geopolitical developments have aggravated already difficult situation of food security.

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan possesses the potential not only to meet its own food security needs but it can also play its part to feed the people of region and world.

He regretted that Pakistan remained unable to unlock its own agricultural and economic potential.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said Pakistan is facing existential threat of climate change, Covid pandemic and poverty. He said this situation has made Pakistan insecure in food, water and energy.

He said Pakistan is playing a leadership role in advocating for humanitarian aid to people of Afghanistan. He said Pakistan has provided humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and Ukraine.

He said hunger has no nationality, poverty does not care for the colour of our skin and climate catastrophe does not recognize ethnicity.

Highlighting intensity of climate crisis, he said climate change has an ever increasing direct threat to food security.

He said Pakistan is facing an acute water shortage and our entire country is currently suffering from drought. He said our agriculture and food security is at risk.

He said the roadmap for global food security called to action is important and impressive and it will go a long way to address imminent crisis.

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