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Omar Sarfaraz Cheema denotified as governor Punjab


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Omar Sarfaraz Cheema has been denotified as Punjab governor on Tuesday hours after President Alvi’s rejection to approve Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s summary to remove Omar Cheema from his post.

The latest situation emerged as President Arif Alvi on Monday rejected PM Shehbaz’s advice to remove Governor Punjab Cheema from office.

In a statement issued by the President’s Secretariat, President Alvi has conveyed to the prime minister that the Punjab governor cannot be removed without his approval.

However, in contrast to the President’s rejection of the PM’s advice, the cabinet division issued late Monday night a notification regarding the removal of Omar Cheema as governor of Punjab.

“In terms of Article 101 and proviso to Article 48 (1) of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, read with serial No. 2D of schedule V-B to the Rules of Business, 1973 and the Prime Minister’s advice (s) rendered on 17-04-2022 and 01-05-2022 for removal of Governor of Punjab, Mr Omer Sarfaraz Cheema ceases to hold the office of the Governor Punjab, with immediate effect,” the notification said.

According to the notification, henceforth, the speaker of the Punjab assembly will perform his responsibilities as acting governor of Punjab till the appointment of the new governor.

According to the sources, security has also been withdrawn from Omar Cheema following his removal from the governor’s post.

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