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Noor Muqaddam case: Court to announce verdict on February 24


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ISLAMABAD:– The court has completed the trial of Noor Muqaddam case after four months and reserved the verdict that will be announced on February 24.

Islamabad Sessions Court conducted the hearing of the case during which the prosecution and lawyers of the accused have completed their arguments.

Earlier, Noor Muqaddam murder case has entered final stages. The lawyers of all the accused have completed their final arguments. Shah Khawar, lawyer of Shaukat Muqaddam, father of Noor Muqaddam, will give final arguments at the next hearing.

Islamabad Additional Sessions Judge Atta Rabbani heard the Noor Muqaddam murder case. During the hearing, the lawyer for five accused of Therapy Works Shehzad Qureshi gave arguments.

The lawyer said that, “They had arrived at the scene around 8 pm according to Pakistan’s time. The whole incident has been recorded in the DVR. No one at the scene tried to destroy the evidence. After the DVR opened, it was proved that my accused arrested the main suspect from the spot. While it is requested to the court that these five accused are innocent. They should be acquitted.”

During the hearing, Akram Qureshi, lawyer of Tahir Zahoor, owner of Therapy Works, also gave final arguments. He said that the allegation put up against my client Tahir Zahoor was that Zakir and Ismat Muqaddam have called him.

Regarding Tahir Zahoor, it was said that he was being given instructions but now the prosecution has to prove that what instructions were those,” adding that, “There were no evidence on record other than the CDR. Therapy Works were the ones who reported the incident to police. It’s hard to understand that what kind of investigation the police carried out. Police officers have not acted irresponsibly during the interrogation.”

While giving arguments Ismat Adam ji s lawyer Asad Jamal said that, “It was being asked that who reported the incident to police. The eyewitnesses should have been presented in court as eyewitnesses. It happens in our cases that the police cannot reach from one end to the other. The murder had taken place at night but no timeline was given. The case cannot be settled without setting a timeline. Even the time of death has not been mentioned in the FIR.”

While the court adjourned the hearing till February 22, the plaintiff s lawyer Shah Khawar will give final arguments at the next hearing.

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