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‘No decision on governor rule’: Sheikh Rashid appeals PTI dissident leaders to return


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Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said on Friday that he had suggested governor rule in Sindh earlier today, but during a PTI parliamentary committee meeting, no decision was made on the suggestion so far.

Talking to the media in Islamabad, the interior minister asked the dissident PTI lawmakers staying in the capital’s Sindh House to consult with their constituencies and their voters on what they thought about their decision.

“I appeal to them to return [to PTI]. Nothing will be said to them” he said, adding that Sindh House had become a stock exchange.

Rashid claimed, “We will not attack the Sindh House or will not enter. We already knew about the presence of our members in Sindh House.”

However, he continued, “We had reports about five to six members; media showed us that they were actually 9 to 12 members.”

Rashid said the video footage of Sindh House exposed those involved in buying and selling of votes.

“[PM] Imran Khan will drive the last nail in the political coffin [of the opposition and the PTI members], said Rashid.

“I am not in touch with anyone, I stand with [PM] Imran Khan.”

He said, “If you have the courage to form a national government, show it. Imran Khan will make your life difficult,” Rashid said.

“Shahbaz Sharif buried Nawaz Sharif’s political narrative without even ghusul [body wash.]

Rashid said the country could not afford political confrontation given its economic situation.

He said that democracy was about listening to each other and there was no room for confrontation in such a system.

“I am not in touch with anyone, I stand with [PM] Imran Khan,” claimed Rashid, adding that if was any clash in Islamabad, the opposition would regret it.

He also said presidential security was being given to the Australian team, and because of the current political situation, it had been decided to shift their four matches to Lahore.

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