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More than 20 govt members are with us, Shahid Khaqan


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On Friday, former prime minister and PML-N’s senior vice president Shahid Khaqan Abbasi claimed that more than 20 government members were with the opposition and more would join them soon.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing a no-confidence motion against him submitted by opposition parties under the umbrella of PDM, claiming they have the support of more than the required number of National Assembly members to make their move a success.

In a statement, Abbasi said, “We will get rid of the government soon. More than 20 government members are with us, and more members of the government will come with us.”

Abbasi said that “none of the MNA joining them talked about ‘money’ and alleged, “The government is ready to give Rs one billion to save their jobs.”

“PTI MNAs are tired after four years of association with PTI.”

“Sindh is being threatened with governor’s rule. However, it is the Punjab which needs it more,” said Abbasi.

“The people have decided, and the days of government are numbered. If Prime Minister Imran Khan brings 100 million people, we will go to the parliament.”

“A new era of politics will begin in the country,” said Abbasi.

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