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MNAs cannot be stopped from voting, NA Secretariat tells Asad Qaiser


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ISLAMABAD:– Amid the opposition’s no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan, National Assembly (NA) Secretariat had told Speaker Asad Qaiser that members of the assembly cannot be stopped from voting.

According to sources, the speaker has consulted with the secretariat and sought answers to three questions.

The speaker asked if he could bar dissident lawmakers from voting to which the secretariat replied that no member could be barred from voting and any action will be initiated after the dissident act is performed. “The article 63 (1) (a) of the Constitution is clear in this regard,” they said.

To other questions that what could happen if the party head or chief whip send names of suspicious lawmakers and if any ruling could be given on dissent lawmakers ahead of the vote,

Sources further said that the secretariat said the speaker’s role would begin after declaration from the party chief. Ruling is the speaker’s prerogative, however, the constitution and laws are clear on the matter.

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