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Ministers claim some of the dissidents ready to repent


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Federal ministers Fawad Chaudhry and Hammad Azhar have claimed that some of the dissent PTI MNAs were ready to repent and return to the party.

Speaking after a PTI meeting in Islamabad Saturday afternoon, the ministers thanked supporters for holding demonstrations against the MPs who had expressed open defiance to Imran Khan on Thursday.

The claim about repentant MNAs came a few hours after the PTI issued show-cause notices to 14 of them on Saturday.

Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that PTI holds the chessboard, the moves and the future. “People who were out to capture the King, failed to predict that they would face difficulties. The media led them to believe that Imran Khan’s popularity has decreased, but now our opponents have their good sense restored,” he said.

He said a brother of one of the MNAs has telephoned the PTI leadership to apologize for the mistake the MNA has made. All the politics is managed by this brother and he said that the MNA wants to leave the Sindh House but it is being guarded by the Sindh police, Fawad said adding that the government will make sure that everyone is “freed.”

The doors for their return are open until they vote against the prime minister, he said.

Fawad also said that the Jahangir Khan Tareen group will make its decision after consulting with the PTI while the position of the allies would become clear soon.

He said the government wants to end this “quandary” as soon as possible so that it could focus on the economy. The government wants to hold the National Assembly session on the no-confidence motion as soon as possible, he said.

Fawad and Azhar said that PTI supporters protested against the dissidents throughout Pakistan and the party was thankful to them. The protests indicate that Pakistan has changed due to the influence of social media, they said.

The information minister said that the prime minister has themed the March 27 rally on the “enjoin the virtue” principle.

He said he was proud of the nation which proved that this is not the 1990s.

The ministers said that peaceful protest was PTI’s right but people must not resort to violence.

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