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Mathira’s sister irked by skin-tone bias in Pakistan



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KARACHI:TV actor Rose Khan has said that actors with fair complexion are given preference in Pakistan’s film and TV drama industry.

She appeared with her sister Mathira in a TV show Time Out with Ahsan Khan.

“I did a photo shoot where negro base was applied on my face. When the pictures were uploaded on the internet, they got a lot of backlash. People said why a dark-complexion model was not used instead of me,” she said.

She suggested that if the role demands an actor with a dark complexion, then such an actor should be cast. Don’t cast a fair actor and then make them look dark by applying base, Rose said.

In the past, other actors have also pointed out the industry’s bias towards fair-skinned actors.

In an interview, Saboor Aly said that there are many channels and production houses where “gora complex” is rife. “If you are fair-skinned, you will get lead character quickly. If you have a complexion like me, you will struggle a lot.”

She said that actors are doing big projects not because of their skills but their fair complexion.

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