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LG bill: Karachi won’t beg for its rights, says Asad umer


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KARACHI:-Minister for Planning and Special Initiatives Asad Umar has said that Karachi won’t ever beg for its rights from the Sindh government, especially the chief minister.

At a press conference on Sunday, he criticized amendments into the local government bill passed by in Sindh Assembly on December 11. The Sindh Assembly claims the bill will transfer some of the powers that the provincial government has to metropolitan corporations.

“We will come up with a strategy soon,” Umar said.

“This problem isn’t just restricted to a political party but concerns a system where politicians become richer at the expense of the common people.”

The minister highlighted that it was important to “change the system instead of the faces”. He said that the new system will elect a representative who will work for the people of Karachi.

On Friday, at the inauguration of the Karachi Green Line project, PM Imran Khan, too, said that Karachi should be given autonomy in the upcoming elections.

Umar said that the government will keep raising its voice against the bill, despite “PPP calling us a minority”, adding that the provisions made into the bill were “against the constitution”.

The minister added that the federal government was ready to talk to the chief minister and extended support in solving the problem of the people of Karachi.

“It is about time that the Sindh takes important decisions,” he remarked.

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