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Jemima wants shoes decorated with Pakistani truck art



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ISLAMABAD:-Jemima Khan has shared what the trucks and rickshaws made her think when she visited Pakistan for the first time.

Last week, a pair of trainers decorated with truck art were widely shared on social media and many people praised the artist’s talent and expressed a desire to own the customised shoes. Haider Ali, a Karachi-based artist,that he was given these shoes to paint so he decided to adorn them with his truck art.

Haider’s art is popular not only in Pakistan, but in Japan, Australia and the US too.

“I am invited with my team to museums and universities around the world,” said Haider. “We introduce the colours of Pakistan. People really appreciate our designs and because this work isn’t seen anywhere else, people who see it for the first time really like it.”

The typical Pakistani truck art features intricate floral patterns, witty poetry on life lessons, elaborate peacocks and a mysterious pair of kohl-rimmed eyes. You can now have your shoes painted with it however you like.

The latest name to share her obsession with truck art is Jemima, who has revealed what these bedecked trucks made her think when she first visited Pakistan.

“Meanwhile I’m still obsessed with Pakistani truck art,” she tweeted. “When I first visited Pakistan 27 years ago, I thought there must be a carnival – every truck, bus, rickshaw and motorbike uniquely decorated. I need these trainers as a memento.”

Last year, Jemima sent out a tweet asking around if someone could arrange a Pakistani-style rickshaw with her. She required it for a shoot and later shared of her enjoying a “tuk tuk” ride on the set in London.

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