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Islamabad high court quashes contempt of court case against Imran Khan


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A five-member larger bench of Islamabad High Court – under Justice Athar Minallah has decided to quash the contempt of court case against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan.

The IHC larger bench expressed contentment over Khan’s conduct.

During the proceeding on Monday, Justice Athar Minallah remarked Imran Khan proved his good intentions and went to apologize therefore the larger bench mutually decided to stop the investigation against him.

While announcing the verdict, the court discharged the contempt of court notice against Imran Khan.

On September 22, the indictment of Imran Khan had deferred by the IHC after he showed a willingness to apologize to the judge against whom he had passed comments.

However, on September 30, Khan appeared before the court unannounced to seek an apology from judge Zeba Chaudhry but she was herself on the leave. The PTI chairman urged the court reader to stay witness for his appearance in court to apologize to Judge Zeba.

After the proceedings, Imran Khan had an informal conversation inside the courtroom with the media.

When a journalist asked Imran Khan about his strong networking skills, he replied, “A politician talks to everyone but will not talk to the criminals. The doors are always open for the negotiation.”

The only case that is yet to be made against me is why I dip bread into tea, he quipped.

A journalist asked if he has been able to find the copy of the cypher that he had misplaced, and the former PM laughed it away.

On the question regarding telethon money, he said that the party start distributing it from Saturday.

Security arrangements

On Monday, Islamabad authorities were preparing to enhance security at the high court with the deployment of additional contingents from police and paramilitary forces expected.

Over 700 police personnel under two senior superintendents of police have been deployed around the court premises while the area will be monitored by the CCTV cameras.

Inside the court premises, Rangers and FC personnel were being deployed.

Security officials have carried barricades using barbed wires. The anti-riot police force has also been put on standby.

Roads leading towards the high court have been barricaded۔


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