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Islamabad couple rape: Complainant refuses to identify Usman Mirza



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The Islamabad couple assault case took a shocking turn Tuesday when the complaints retracted their statement in the court and refused to identify Usman Mirza and other suspects.

Mirza and his friends have been accused of sexually harassing, torturing, and filming a young couple in the E-11 sector.

On Tuesday, the victim appeared before the Islamabad sessions court and wished against pursuing the case.

“I do not know any of the accused,” she said during the cross-examination.

In her statement, she said police officials had visited her multiple times and asked for her signatures and thumbprints on blank pieces of paper. “The police had made up the whole thing.”

“None of these men had tried to sexually assault me,” she added.

On January 12, the couple was to record their statements in court. However, only the man appeared in the court.

The victim added that she didn’t want to appear in court anymore. The sessions judge rejected the plea and said “you have to appear”.

She refuted the charges of blackmailing in the case, revealing that she never paid any money to anyone. “The first time I saw Mirza was at the police station,” she claimed.

After her statements were recorded the lawyer refused to further cross-examine her. This irked Judge Ata Rabbani and he asked lawyers to continue the hearing.

‘Mobile phones were switched off’

Meanwhile, former defense lawyer, Hassan Javed told that he was in touch with the couple till Monday night but their numbers were switched off when he contacted them Tuesday morning.

Javed narrated the entire thing to the judge after which the court pressed him to investigate if the couple was being threatened and ensure security to them.

‘The statement may jeopardize the case’

According to the SSP investigation Atta-ur-Rehman, the retracted statement may jeopardize the case. It’s pertinent to mention here that the victims identified the accused in the court and the confession.

“We won’t let the accused escape the case as we do have scientific and forensic evidence,” he said. “We will lead the case with the prosecution and will ensure the couple’s security.”

The case

Usman Mirza, the co-owner of car business in Islamabad, was arrested when a video surfaced on the internet showing him harassing and torturing a young couple at an apartment in Sector E-11. During raids in the next few days, his accomplices were nabbed from different areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Later, investigations revealed that Mirza had not only tortured and filmed the couple but also blackmailed and extorted money from them. He was said to have received millions of rupees from the young man and woman, who are now married.

Days after the arrests, another woman told journalists that she, too, had been harassed and blackmailed by Mirza ‘for quite some time.’

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