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Imran Khan’s audio leak saga: New alleged clip hints at horse trading


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It seems that the season of audio leaks is far from over. Just days after the government formed a high-powered committee to probe audio leaks, another alleged audio of former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has surfaced.

Two alleged recordings of Imran Khan’s conversation with his comrades have already surfaced where he was heard discussing the cypher that was sent by the Pakistani mission in Washington.

Unlike earlier audios, this time only one voice, which seems to be of Imran Khan, can be heard in the leaked audio.

Imran Khan could be heard discussing the possibility of buying MNAs.

however, could not independently ascertain at what point in time or where it was recording.

Here’s the transcript of the audio:

Imran Khan: This is your misunderstanding that the number game has been over.

Imran Khan: These numbers are not like this, don’t think this thing is over because 48 hours from now on is a long, long time. Many things are happening.

Imran Khan: I am playing many cards that can’t be made public.

Imran Khan: I am buying five [MNAs]. I have five. I have to send out a message that these five are very important.

Imran Khan: And tell him, if he could get us five more then the total would be 10. This game is in our hands.

Imran Khan: The nation is alarmed right now. People across the board want us to win anyhow, so don’t worry if it’s the right thing or not, whatever the tactic is, every single one that breaks away matters.


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