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Imran Khan announces to issue white paper on corruption of Sharif brothers


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MULTAN:-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan while announcing to release white paper on corruption of Sharif brothers said that gang of thieves is imposed through foreign conspiracy on us and he will fight till his last breath.

Addressing the workers in Multan, Imran Khan said the real freedom movement has been started and this will be our most important movement in 75 years. He challenged that PTI will bring 2 million people in Islamabad.

Imran further said that elections must be held to thwart the foreign conspiracy, adding that the three stooges cannot be imposed on us and people will decide in elections.

In the next two, three days I will issue white paper on corruption of Sharifs and my call to Islamabad will decide the future of the country, the PTI chairman added.

The former prime minister said that everything has become expensive in the imported government, now it will make petrol and diesel more expensive.

Imran Khan while pitching for two third majority in next election said that he will make South Punjab a new province.

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