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Improving relations with Russia will prove to be beneficial for Pakistan: Imran Khan


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ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan said that improving relations with Russia will prove to be beneficial for Pakistan. The United States is not accustomed to the government that makes independent decisions.

In his address, the chairman PTI paid tribute to the overseas Pakistanis for protesting against the conspiracy and said that I’m not anti-America, I had a great relationship with Donald Trump administration but the United States is not accustomed to the government that makes independent decisions.

He said that unfortunately America has a habit that Pakistan is to obey whatever the orders. PTI leader added that he had been opposing the war on terror for 15 years.

Further talking about it Imran Khan said that Pakistan suffered heavy losses in the war on terror. The former leader backed US war on being threatened. Pakistan had nothing to do with 9/11.

Providing reference of his stance he explained that Pervez Musharraf wrote in the book that the threat was delivered by the assistant secretary of state, Richard Armitage. Musharraf could not bear US pressure. At the behest of the United States, troops were sent to the tribal areas. Eighty thousand lives and soldiers were martyred in the war on terror, he continued saying.

Former PM stated that the purpose of my foreign policy was not to take part in anyone else’s war, it has become a problem here.

Imran Khan said that instead of appreciating our sacrifices in the war on terror, allegations were made. Our tribal areas were deserted. He exclaimed that now they were asking again, I would have never agreed to it.

In July, August, it was understood that some planning was going on. Our people were bought during the no-trust motion, added Imran Khan.

He further added to the aforementioned statement that powerful forces were working under the plan, not allowing them (deviant members) to be punished.

The PTI chairman mentioned threatening the ambassador is an insult to 22 crore people. It was said that if Imran Khan survives, he will have to suffer the consequences, he stated.

Imran Khan explained that the next day of threat no-confidence was filed against him. He said in the country, Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq were involved in this conspiracy.

At midnight, the courts were opened, our hands were tied and we were removed from government, said PTI leader.

Comparing his term with the present PML-N led government the PTI leader said our government got removed when the country was developing, this was also a conspiracy. Our government had come out of all the difficult times.

Imran Khan said that inflation has increased than it was in our government, now why the people are not asked about inflation?

While urging the overseas Pakistanis to raise their voices against the conspiracies abroad he also added that I will call for Islamabad after May 20. Imran Khan said that I have never seen the people of Pakistan so united before.

Wherever they go slogans of traitors and thieves will be heard, he added.

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