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Hijab isn’t a choice, but obligation in Islam: Former Indian actress Zaira


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MUMBAI:- Former Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim has expressed her disappointment over the hijab row and said wearing hijab isn’t a choice, but an obligation in Islam.

Zaira, who left showbiz industry due to religion, wrote on her Instagram, “It’s often either a construct of convenience or ignorance. Hijab isn’t a choice but an obligation in Islam. Likewise, a woman who wears the hijab is fulfilling an obligation enjoined upon her by the God she loves and has submitted herself to.”

“I, as a woman who wears the hijab with gratitude and humility, resent and resist this entire system where women are being stopped and harassed for merely carrying out a religious commitment,” she said.

Zaira continued, “Stacking this bias against Muslim women and setting up systems where they should have to decide between education and hijab or to give up either is an absolute injustice.”

“Attempting to compel them to make a very specific choice that feeds your agenda and then criticizing them while they’re imprisoned in what you’ve constructed,” the ex-actress wrote.

She further stated, “There is no other option to encourage them to choose differently. What is this if not a bias with people who confirm it acting in support of it? On top of all this, building a facade that all this is being done in the name of empowerment is even worse when it is quite exactly the opposite of that. Sad.”

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