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Hareem Shah takes u-turn, denies ‘laundering’ money in new video



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Islamabad (Online):- Social media star, Hareem Shah has taken u-turn saying she knows nothing about money laundering as she has earned money through fair means always.

She shared video flaunting a hefty amount of foreign currency on social media site instagram. Now, she has issued new statement after Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) investigations.

Talking to a private News Agency, she said, “I did not know this all will happen due to my one video.”

TikTok star said, “One learns something from every mistake and I am too admitting my mistake. I had gone to office of businessman Danial in UK and took permission from him to make video after seeing so mammoth money. I shared this video for entertainment purpose only,”

She held that video went viral and was used against me while I knew nothing about money laundering till that time because I had earned money from fair means throughout my life.

The man who owned this money is doing legal business, she remarked.

Danial brother told me only a specific amount could be brought outside Pakistan. When I came to know about it, I made video for entertainment purpose that I had brought such huge money to UK, she added.

She deleted forthwith videos from her social media accounts after the media reports about investigation into money laundering against her ran on media.

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