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Govt allies have reservations on electoral reforms: Minister Sheikh Rashid


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RAWALPINDI:– Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid has said that the allies have reservations about the electoral reforms.

Talking to media in Rawalpindi, Sheikh Rashid said that he was in favor of negotiations with TLP from day one. He added that he is not aware of contents of the recent agreement between TLP and the government and will know its details when government decides to make it public.

Talking about T20 World Cup, Sheikh Rashid said that his final was on the same day that India was defeated by Pakistan. I pray for Pakistan’s victory against Australia, he added.

Providing details of development work in Rawalpindi, Rashid said that in a short span of time three women’s colleges were established in the city.

Special attention was paid to girls’ education in Rawalpindi and we planned for 20 years and constructed three universities and seven colleges.

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