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FO summons US diplomat to lodge protest over interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs


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ISLAMABAD:- Pakistan s Foreign Office (FO) on Thursday summoned a senior US diplomat to lodge protest over interference in Pakistan s internal affairs.

According to sources, a senior US diplomat was summoned by Foreign Office over a threatening letter that warned of dire consequences if the opposition s no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan failed.

The Foreign Office also handed over a letter of protest to the US diplomat regarding the language used by a foreign official during a formal communication.

Sources added that the US diplomat was summoned to the Foreign Office (FO) following the directives of the National Security Committee (NSC). The US diplomat has been told that interference in Pakistan s internal affairs is unacceptable

Sources also said that Pakistan decided to give a strong response to the ‘country’ for sending ‘threatening letter’ following the National Security Committee (NSC) meeting.

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