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DRTNews is owned by Mr. Ameer Abbas, all contents are written and reviewed by editorial team. So, the content may contain advertisements, sponsored content or paid insertions, affiliate links or other form of monetization.

We believe in sharing the content with transparency, honesty, integrity and best of the reader’s interest. The DRTNews does not feature any content which conflicts the interests of the readers.

We do provide some referral links to external products and sites and, if the reader makes any purchase through that affiliate link, we will get a small fee as a commission for the same.

The reader will have a couple of advantages to purchasing through a link, perhaps you will get an additional discount or an original product price, but it will never cost you extra money than the original price.

Above all, we urge our readers to verify that service from the actual manufacturer or service providers, our platform can only guide on what is appropriate and best. But, the ultimate decision should be yours and only yours.


If you have any questions regarding this Disclosure or any policy mentions on-site, then feel free to contact us

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