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Cross-border couple go to ‘war’ during Pakistan-India matches


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Pakistani woman and Indian husband support respective sides during matches
Many Pakistani women have married Indian men. While they usually live a life of contentment, love and happiness, everything changes when there is a Pakistan-India cricket match.
If that match is on the all-important stage of a world cup, tensions are palpable.
One such couple donning Pakistan and Indian jerseys, respectively, was spotted outside the Melbourne stadium on Sunday ahead of the Pakistan-India match.
The wife, who hails from Pakistan, said that whenever there is a cricket match between the two sides, there is a rivalry over the sport between the husband and wife.
“We just stay apart, but we still have dinner together because my husband likes the food I cook,” she said.
The India-origin husband said that when India loses, he grudgingly accepts the loss and says they will win next time.
He sarcastically added that Pakistan is used to losing against India, but losing to Pakistan in a worldcup is still a new sensation for him.

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