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Country suffers upto 16 hours of load shedding as shortfall reaches 7,793MW


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ISLAMABAD: – The electricity shortfall in the country has reached upto 7,793 MW with total power generation hovers around 19,207 MW, and total demand stands at 27,000 MW — necessitating prolonged power outages across the country while Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had said that he will not allow power outage of more than two hours.

According to the power division, at least 4,344 MW of electricity is being generated from water, whereas, the government’s thermal plants are generating 1,190 MW of electricity.

The total electricity generation by the private sector power plants is 10,520 MW, whereas, at least 1,107 MW of electricity is being generated from wind power plants and 119 MW from solar plants.

The bagasse-based power plants are generating 178 MW of electricity while the nuclear fuel-based power plants are generating 1,749 MW of electricity.

Meanwhile, up to 16 hours of electricity load shedding is being carried out in different parts of the country.

Power load shedding is also being carried out for at least eight hours in Islamabad, whereas, the duration of load shedding is longer in areas with high losses.

Due to the power outages, citizens are cursing WAPDA and the government while citizens are also complaining of water outage as well.

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