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China wants to import dogs, donkeys from Pakistan


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Senate committee told illegal sale of fish incurring loss of billions of rupees to exchequer

The Senate Standing Committee on Commerce was told that China is interested in importing donkeys and dogs from Pakistan.

The meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce held in Islamabad was chaired by Senator Zeeshan Khanzada on Monday.

Senators Abdul Qadir and Dinesh Kumar said China wants to import donkeys and dogs from Pakistan. Kumar said that China is a major export market.

Senator Qadir said that the Chinese ambassador has also highlighted that they want to export meat due to rise in local demand and less production.

Further. Senator Muhammad Afridi said that animals are cheap in Afghanistan but there are no buyers. Hence, animals can be first imported from there and then exported to other countries, he added.

But at this suggestion, the related officials said that the import of animals from Afghanistan is temporarily banned due to spread of lumpy skin disease.

In the meeting, the members said that fishermen in Balochistan catch fish from the deep sea and sell it on spot to foreign trawlers. They added that this act is incurring a loss of billions of dollars to the national treasury.

Senator Mirza Afridi said that the exports must not stop in any condition while the exporters should be facilitated as they bring foreign exchange.

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