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Cabinet approves Pakistan’s first ever National Security Policy



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ISLAMABAD:-– National Security Advisor (NSA) Moeed Yusuf on Tuesday announced that federal cabinet, after the NSC’s endorsement of Pakistan’s first-ever National Security Policy yesterday, the Cabinet has approved it today.

Mooed Yusuf, in a series of tweet, termed it a truly historic achievement and said that a citizen-centric comprehensive National Security Policy with economic security at the core will now be pursued in earnest.

The Advisor said that this umbrella document will, overtime, help guide sectoral policies for the fulfillment of country’s national security objectives.

Moeed Yusuf also thanked the civil and military leadership for all their support and input and added that the policy would not have seen the light of day without the Prime Minister’s constant leadership and encouragement.

He also lauded the entire team of the National Security Division for their hard work and dedication over the years in bringing the policy to fruition.

The success of the policy will lie in its implementation for which a plan has been developed.

A public version of the NSP document will be launched by the PM and released in due course.

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