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Bilawal Bhutto will be our next PM, says Hareem Shah


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LAHORE (Web Desk) – Tik Toker Hareem Shah bashed everyone for highlighting PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto’s slip of tongue and expressed that she believes no one is perfect at urdu.

In a recent address at long march in Islamabad the PPP Chairman Bilawal’s tongue slipped as he said ‘Kaampain Tang Rahi Hain’ instead of ‘Taangain Kaanp Rahi Hain’.

While Kaampain Tang Rahi Hain started surfing all over social media as netizens found the perfect meme content and many celebrities also joined in to make funny parodies of the PPP leader.

Talking about it Hareem Shah presented her perspective in a video message on social media. According to the Tik Toker even she cannot speak perfect urdu and no one is perfect when it comes to speaking in urdu.

She further stated that mistakes can be made by anyone and anyone like Bilawal Bhutto can make mistake.

She also said that we make fun of Bilawal because he is educated from outside but with time people learn. In my opinion, Bilawal’s Urdu is the most unique and his style is also different.

Hareem shah explained that she loves him very much and Bilawal will be our next Prime Minister.

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