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Bilawal Bhutto announces long march from Feb 27



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LAHORE:– Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari announced to lead long march from February 27.

Addressing the media conference in Lahore on Thursday, Bilawal said that the long march will be initiated from Karachi and will end in Islamabad. He said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) did not consult PPP before announcing the mass rallies. The ECP must hold complete investigations into PTI’s foreign funding case.

The PPP leader went on to say that the PPP was founded in Lahore. This is where the movement to over-throw the incumbent government will begin. He added that at the division level, we will hold the rallies with the farmers against the crisis of the urea. Our series of protests will now enter a new phase. Money budget is against the economic rights of poor people of the country. We will stand against the mini-budget in the parliament and protest in front of the parliament when the voting on mini-budget will take place, he added.

Bilawal mentioned that the opposition parties must give resignations, it is up to them. Protest is the democratic right of the PPP. If it is said that the army is neutral then this is what we want. All institutions should remain neutral. He further said that we welcome the statement of Spokesman Pakistan Army Major General Babar Iftikhar.

Chairman PPP added that the people of Pakistan want to get rid of this government and demand fair and transparent elections. The solution to the country s problems lies only in democracy. The people are in a historical trouble. The PDM did not consult before announcing its march. The PDM has the right to march according to its own procedure. The people do not want to give a single day to the government. We are starting our protest from today. No decision has been taken regarding no-confidence motion against the speaker.

Moreover, Bilawal said that a deal was made against the economic stability of the country with the international institutions. The SBP will be accountable to the IMF instead of the parliament, and the judiciary. In this regard, we are holding legal consultations. The decision of the Supreme Court regarding the 25-thousand salary should be lifted in Sindh.

The Election Commission should further investigate the foreign funding of PTI. The party hid foreign funding for 7 years and we condemn it. Foreign funding case, action should be taken against fake government on the basis of evidence. The incumbent government is snatching jobs from the people.

Earlier today, Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that same local body system should be brought in Punjab as in Sindh.

While addressing a ceremony in Punjab, he said that the people of Pakistan are in trouble at the moment. Government is snatching the roof off the heads of the poor. The people know that the PPP employs people everywhere.

He went on to say that instead of giving 10 million jobs, the jobs have been snatched away. The people want to get rid of the government. The workers will be my strongest arm in the struggle.

Bilawal said that PPP has always distributed the power and never snatched it. Zardari was the most powerful civilian president; Zardari gave all powers to the parliament. Bilawal said that he wants powers to be given to provinces and local body system to be strengthened. Murad Ali Shah has given a new local body system in Sindh.

The economic condition has never been this bad in the history of Pakistan. The economy of the country is worse than the times when East Pakistan was separated and during the war. The incumbent government is anti-people while on the other hand, PPP is a party of the poor and a people-friendly party. Bhutto had given 5-Marla Scheme in 1970.

Earlier on Jan 5, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had said that the scrutiny report regarding the foreign funding case has unveiled an ugly corrupt face of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan.

The PPP leader said that Imran Khan took oath of speaking the truth yet hid Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) bank accounts from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). He further said that Imran Khan taunted everyone of corruption whereas the “selected prime minister” has himself embezzled millions.

Bilawal Bhutto also claimed that the prime minister looted the country under the disguise of a so-called campaign against corruption. The devastated national economy is proof of the fact that the incumbent government is corrupt, he added.

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