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All four Sharifs are ‘minus’ from Pakistani politics: Sheikh Rashid



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ISLAMABAD:– Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid on Friday has bashed Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders and said that all the four Sharifs are ‘minus’ from politics.

Addressing the press conference, the minister said that it is upon PML-N Supremo Nawaz Sharif, if he wants to come back he can, if he does not want to come back he can stay there.

Interior Minister said that the opposition is conducting two long marches at the same time. A historic parade will be held on March 23 that will be witnessed by our Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) guests, he added.

Sh Rashid said that the national treasury had been looted so badly in the past that we had no other option but to accept the harsh conditions put by International Monetary Fund (IMF). This government will complete its five years tenure, he reiterated.

Sh Rashid further told that Prime Minister (M) Imran Khan will visit China in the coming month.

He said that even today, the premier was updated on the wheat price and we are hopeful that we will curb inflation in three to four months.

People expect Imran Khan to put corrupt people behind bars, Sheikh Rashid said.

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