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Aleem Khan challenges Imran Khan to a dialogue on live television


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ISLAMABAD:– While reacting upon the allegations imposed by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, the dissident member of PTI Aleem Khan challenged him to come live on television and have a debate.

While talking to the media, Aleem Khan challenged the former prime minister Imran Khan to tell everyone everything and then he will tell everyone all the things he knows.

Aleem Khan also warned the PTI Chairman to call him with respect in return the Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) will call the Chairman with respect.

While talking about the allegations, the businessman said that the former Prime Minister has accused him of legalizing 300 acres of acquired land whereas these are all lies and have distorted facts.

Aleem Khan also stated that he does not have three hundred acres, ha has three thousand acres of land. The three hundred acres were not of acquired land but that land was purchased from landlords, MPA also said.

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