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Actor Ayesha Omar shuts down rude commenters on viral turtle video


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KARACHI:- Take it from Ayesha Omar if you want to kill rude commenters with kindness on social media.

Ayesha is vacationing with the wild in Tanzania and the photos and videos she has shared so far from her dreamy getaways will only make you grab your backpack and fly off. From her lagoon party with turtles to encounters with elephants, Ayesha Omar’s feed will give you some serious vacation goals.

Among the many videos that are doing rounds on social media, one shows Ayesha in a lagoon surrounded by turtles. The short clip has crossed over 600,000 views with many of Ayesha’s followers, who thought the turtles could have harmed her, lauding her for being “brave enough” to party with them.

But just like any other social media post, this one too was peppered with trollish comments. Some people were not happy with Ayesha’s clothing in the lagoon and others posted outrageous comments, such as why there weren’t any crocodiles.

But Ayesha, who knows better than to respond to trolls in their own rude language, took the high road by keeping her retorts subtle and classy.

To someone who asked her if she was afraid, Ayesha said she is not scared of animals but some people and their intentions instead.

To a user who wished for a crocodile among the turtles, Ayesha remarked, “Wow, you have the Pakistani flag as your display picture and you display so much hate? You think that’s patriotic?”

Whether or not the commenters learned anything from these retorts, Ayesha has proven that she can handle negativity on social media with kindness and subtlety quite well.   

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